R O X Y  V A L A D E 


She is a healer, she is a transmitter, she is a multidimensional mentor, but above everything, she is a soul-driven leader. Roxy’s piece of genius is all about quantum creation.  Roxy is known for her mind-blowing experiences through which participants embody their wholeness, calibrate to their unique energy and expand their natural abundant state like never before. 

Roxy leads the way for everyone to create powerful relationships with themselves. Their reality transcends into a whole new universe. From the moment you enter this energetic field, your life is forever changed.


" Every single soul that crosses her path is led to unfold its uniqueness and unlock its own sacred power. '' 

Meet The Team

Co-creating with us is choosing to transcend into a whole new dimension where veils of illusion are lifted to make space for peace, love, freedom and wisdom. We guide human beings to come back home by discovering their deepest truth and by becoming the point of attraction of their greatest desires. 

O U R  F O U N D A T I O N

Let's create a world where magic meets reality


You will meet your true and deep nature. Your truth will allow you to set yourself free forever.


We will lead you to reveal the greatest potential within you to create majestic quantum leaps.


It's time for you to stop fighting who you really are. We'll show you how to bring peace in your universe.


Let's build a universe where love is all around you. You will be safe to release the boundaries that separate you from your soul.


The purpose of all our processes is to allow you to feel the greatest freedom and play with the potential of your reality to create a a masterpiece with your life.

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