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Let me assist you in remembering who the F*ck you are and how powerful you can become. You'll discover how to get OUT of the default mode and get into the CREATOR mode - where all dreams become available.

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Meet your host

Hi, I'm Roxy!

As Queen of the Pivot, host of the RCast Experience, Best-Selling Author, CEO and Co-Founder of RNation, I’m here to walk beside you as you learn to FACE YOUR FEAR and MAKE IT YOUR TRUEST ALLY.

I'm fiercely committed to Change and embrace my unique identity as a Changemaker, aware that not everyone may resonate with me. My focus is on defeating shame, fear, and the voices that say, "You can't … change."

I once stood in the food bank line with my son, with no money in my account and completely helpless, so when I say YOU CAN BE/ DO ANYTHING and accomplish all your dreams I really do mean it!

I’ve committed this chapter of my life to collaboratively shape a shared reality with you that makes you feel so ALIVE.

I've crafted an ART to become an Unstoppable Force of NATURE, and I want to show you HOW. 


Let's do this, together.

Roxy xo