S A C R E D   P O W E R  

A 4-months journey to find your way back home and discover your sacred power

It’s time for you to stop fighting who you really are and discover the depth of your personal  creative power.

The moment has come for you to listen to your soul calling and come back home. You’ll become the living manifestation of your deepest truth and nothing will stop you anymore from being the leader you came here to be.

Sacred Power is about remembering your purpose and share it with the world.

In the next 4 months, you will discover your pure essence and connect to your personal power as entrepreneur. You will heal wounds from the past that still make you suffer. You’ll unlock the keys of your genius and understand the depth of your truth. You’ll bring clarity to your purpose in life, discover your origins and feel universal peace.

Be ready to discover your deepest truth and share with humanity


T H E  P R O G R A M  

A 7-steps process to align your truth and uniqueness to the leader you want to become.

You will identify where are the disqualified thoughts, emotions and energy that are holding you back from the feeling of confidence and deep safety in who you are.

You will work on your creative force and on your creation process. You will reveal your desires, your passion, your purest joy and all the pleasure hidden inside of you. 

This is where you will define your unique identity, specific to your soul. You will create and build a world from your magnetism and unleash your true potential. 

You will work on the strong feelings of worthiness and personal value. You will create this strong vessel to grow over time with ease and so much power.

You will work on the communication and expression field. This is the connexion with the outside world. You will discover how to materialize who you are in the physical world.

You will work on the vision and the depth of the dreams lying inside of you. You will define how you can use your own wisdom as a way to create a unique path in your life. 

This is where you will develop intuition and gifts to access to infinite possibilities and universal information. You will step into the creativity, the inspiration and the imagination to unleash your true potential.


You are more than ready to create a masterpiece with your ideas. This is the calling of your life. This is your journey to find your way back home and discover your deepest truth.

W H A T  Y O U 'L L  G E T


An online course where Roxy Valade teaches you how to connect to your Sacred Power and create a masterpiece with your life. 


Multiple workbooks, worksheets and tools are created for you to support each module of the program.


Weekly coaching sessions with Roxy and the Team to help you navigate through the steps and amplify your Sacred experience.


Intimate calibration to high level energy troughout a private Facebook group with powerful leaders.

Your investment : $2222 USD
Or you can get the payment plan for 4 x $555,50 US

You’ll remember who you are

You will unfold your legendary uniqueness. You will heal wounds that no longer serve you. You will become the leader you came here to be and set yourself free forever.