I'm Roxy, not a nickname, but my full name.

My mom chose it because she saw a future leader in me, needing a short, luminous, and memorable name.

Roxy signifies "dawn," "star," and "bright," symbolizing new adventures. Welcome to mine, and may it inspire you to embrace your own journey of Change!

I'm fiercely committed to Change and embrace my unique identity as a Changemaker, aware that not everyone may resonate with me. My focus is on defeating shame, fear, and the voices that say, "You can't … change."

I once stood in the food bank line with my son, with no money in my account and completely helpless, so when I say YOU CAN BE/ DO ANYTHING and accomplish all your dreams I really do mean it, even though it occasionally still feels fantastical to me to have come so far in less than a decade.


It's incredibly meaningful that I've chosen to embrace my soul's purpose and its multitude of callings on the way

¬†‚Äď to be authentically seen in my own truth, in the present moment, and to utilize it as a means to foster unity, joy and connection.

Growing up in a family where lies were upheld as a survival strategy, I discovered my truest self by immersing myself in roles and characters, adorned in costumes, all while seeking validation through the laughter and applause of those around me.

Vulnerability, paired with my remarkable creative prowess as a transformational coach, has always been anchored in my sensitivity and an unwavering commitment to the truth, regardless of the consequences.

From childhood to the present day, I possess this extraordinary capacity to generate imaginary characters and personas as a way of breaking from isolation. I found some freedom in them, as these characters could say and do things I was afraid to do myself until I started making these changes in real life.

Changes that spoke of our collective pains openly, that took me beyond my limited childhood conditioning of addiction, hiding and anguish, into an imperfect yet more responsible human for my Life and its outcomes.


my life did not resonate with the profound sense of purpose and wealth nor did I experience the exhilarating vitality that comes from making a meaningful contribution. At that juncture, I had not yet established thriving businesses that positively influenced tens of thousands, authored a best-selling book, acquired homes in two different countries, or cultivated the enriching relationships that now define my existence.

In fact, less than a decade ago, after leaving my son’s father, at age 20 I found myself in a dire financial situation, so dire that even the bank declined my request for debt consolidation. I had to resort to relying on welfare just to provide for my son's basic needs because I believed, at the time, that choosing my calling had to come with unbearable suffering.

At that point, I was unaware that self-blame was not a prerequisite for my liberation.

At that time, my closest relatives staged an intervention, urging psychiatric care due to my "rapid life changes". However, deep inside, I remained resolute. I knew that I was destined for more, even if that meant stepping away from the circumstances and people that I loved and loved me. I resolved to transform my life one calling, one chapter, and one change at a time!



Unveiling My Inner Archetypes

The One

I feel my most expansive, yet neither big or small, knowing that we are all connected and this is just one part of our consciousness. I am only a small part of the ONE plan that we are all a part of: me to we… We to me. We R Nation!

The Lover

As a wife, I know this to be true! I must be fully present and awake to my callings and desires first, as should my husband, if we are to hold each other in the highest forms of respect, love, and passion.

The Matriarch

As a mom to two amazing tiny humans, my role is to love them unconditionally. They are my Why!

My role as the matriarch in our family carries over to RNation. I feel a deep sense of responsibility here. 

The Oracle

A fearless student and practitioner, I bridge the everyday and the sacred, revealing potent power needed desperately in our time. Yet where there is power there is shadow…

I am also vigilant in studying and alchemizing my own darkness and reminding you that true conscious change is ultimately a remembrance of who we truly are, how we shape it, own it and share it with the world.

The Changemaker 

As the ChangeMaker, I see all roadblocks as opportunities and let's be honest we create all of them to distract ourselves from our callings!

Sometimes a conscious distraction is a necessary part of the process but I am here to help you hold the line and show you how real fundamental recurrent change is created in times where you might wither.

The Queen of the Pivot

When my soul calls, I answer it. Is it scary? Every single time. Do I do it anyway? ABSOLUTELY. You can't not live an elevated life by denying yourself your soul's calling!


In our family, we have a quirky tradition of turning challenging moments or odd situations into laughter-filled adventures by diving into a round of "Would You Rather" with the most outlandish questions, and it's a blast watching our kids, Aria and Landon, eagerly join in on the fun!


Q: Would I rather spend a day in the pool with the kids or a day in the bustling city exploring new places? A: Pool with the kids

Q: If I had to choose, would I rather have a deep conversation with someone about personal transformation or share a fun, light-hearted moment with them? A: Deep conversation

Q: When it comes to my go-to meal, would I rather enjoy a classic home-cooked meal or indulge in a delicious Carrot Express asian salad? A: Carrot Express

Q: Would I rather spend my evening listening to the latest loud techno beats to unwind or with some calming, instrumental music? A: Techno beats 

Q: When I'm not working, would I rather spend quality time with my family or have some time with my girlfriends? A: Family 

Q: Would I rather inspire others through written content and articles or engage with an audience on stage? A: Stage

Q: When considering my achievements, do I primarily credit my success to my unwavering dedication to change, or do I believe that external factors and circumstances have played a substantial part? A: Dedication to change

A Remarkable Journey

Rising from Welfare to Wealth

2015 - 2023

The Era of Responsibility

Transforming from a state of numb powerlessness in the face of life's challenges to embracing a vibrant sense of empowerment, actively sculpting a life filled with unconventional and exhilarating self-evolution.



> Waitressed & MLM while struggling financially
> Became a mom to Landon at 19
> Left Landon's dad shortly after his birth


> Declined "My Intervention" and the proposed outside narrative that came with it
> Moved into my fluorescent pink walls 1st basement apartment with Landon
> Started an event coordinator job
> Launched Momtrepreneur Blog as a side hustle


> Announced my first free online workshop
> Quit my event coordinator job on a leap of faith and gut feeling my life was about to change radically
> Launched my first infopreneur course
> Received a call from PayPal to confirm sudden $35,000 in sales overnight

The Era of Change

Embracing a transformative journey that involves shedding old beliefs in favor of acquiring new ones, honing my skills, transitioning from fear to love, and engaging with life not as a victim but as an empowered catalyst for change.


> Hosted my 1st sold-out event: "How to Be?"
> Joel's on-stage wedding proposal
>¬†‚ÄúWake-Up call‚ÄĚ Podcast hit 500K downloads milestone
> 2nd in person event "Wake up call" lands 400 attendees


> Wrapped up Momtrepreneur business
> Overcame miscarriages
> Self-published bestseller book
> Launched Transformation Humaine while pregnant with Aria


The Era of Success

Drawing wisdom from my experiences, I've come to realize that it's perfectly acceptable to embrace mistakes as part of the journey while persistently experimenting and innovating. This approach is my pathway to achieving continuous success as a Change Maker. 


> Sold-out 12 meet-and-greet tour stops
> Grew a large team
> Aria was born
> Business gained momentum and online virality


> "Transformation Humaine" enrollments hit with 1300 students
> $3.5M in sales
> Joe and I got married
> Explored living in Miami + Mexico
> Purchased my dream family home mansion with Joel in QC


The Era of Expanding Horizons

Embracing the belief in a Higher Power and a boundless Intelligence aligning with me unfailingly, I opt to navigate the world with unwavering faith, guided by both divine principles and my own, witnessing the renewal of life. I find solace in embracing the unknown, the VOID.


> Closed the French division
> Pivoted to the English market
> Relocated my business and family to the US
> Signed up my kids to a private school in the US
> Retired my Father


> Hit +1M sales with first launch in a new market
> Started to build my name in the English market
> Launched foundational programs for Leaders
> Co-founded RNation by merging all my divisions
> Started to be invited on Major stage with names like Jenna Kutcher, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more.

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